Work experience is weighted differently (between 20-100%) depending on the seniority and context of each position. Accordingly, all professional experience is evaluated 3 ways to determine whether it was acquired:

  • Within Action Against Hunger, with another NGO or the private/public sector
  • At the same (or higher or lower) level of responsibility as the post under consideration
  • As an international employee, as national staff or as HQ staff
The cap of 60.1 months’ cumulative experience (to get to step 6) is weighted experience, not actual months
Each candidate’s total experience places them at one of six levels of the salary grid. This becomes their base salary for that assignment, and usually for all other assignments at that particular level of responsibility. The base salary scale increases for each level by a fixed amount depending on the category of position.

Ref: Section 3.2 of the FWH